Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Best Exercise 6 Pack Abs – Abdominal Exercise Equipment

Everybody wants six-pack abs. Wanting those washboard abs has been your dream and the long and convincing infomercials know it and the market is full of abdominal exercise equipment’s such as abdominal belts, abs-rockers, abs-lounges and many more.


But there’s just too many and you can’t choose. That’s why when choosing the perfect exercise equipment you need to take some things in mind. You shouldn’t have to buy fancy and expensive equipment for your six-pack abs when in reality you don’t need them. So, you’ll need to do some research on the best exercise equipment’s for your desired six-pack abs. For example, it has to be easy to move in and can be easily detached.

However, before you attempt any rigorous exercise with your newly purchased machine, you should first ask your doctor regarding any injuries and medical conditions that could affect your body. Make sure to strictly follow the manufacturer’s instructions of the machines maintenance. Anyway, as long as you use the equipment it is a good choice to have.


But what are the pros of having an abdominal exercise machine right at home? Well, this will help you focus and exercise better. Some abdominal exercise equipment’s are poorly designed and made weak and it can even be dangerous to use. Take note that strained or torn abdominal muscles are extremely painful and can put you out for a long time so buying poorly designed abdominal exercise equipment shouldn’t be a risk you have to take.


So these are the steps that will make sure you end up choosing the best abdominal equipment fit for you:


Choose the equipment depending on the space that it’ll take up in your home and how regularly and intensely you plan to exercise on it so you can achieve your six-pack abs. If you live in a small apartment, you should get a smaller equipment.


  1. Make sure the adjustments on your equipment keeps you comfortable throughout the exercise. You should place your towel near you so it can easily absorb your sweat.
  2. Make sure the weight you use is not too heavy so it won’t cause any injuries or cause you to fall over.
  3. For added support and stability throughout your workout you can easily interlock your feet, ankles, or knees on the abdominal equipment you are using to finally get those six-pack abs.
  4. First, inhale then tighten your abdomen back toward your spine. Then raise your neck a few inches off the ground. Exhale when you roll up. You should support your head with your hands so you do not strain your neck.


Here are other equipment’s to help your exercise:

1) Stability Ball Exercise Ball

This is a great equipment. Other than increasing your range of motion for crunches and other abdominal exercises, this can also help in improving your balance and coordination. You could start with the basics such as regular crunches or oblique crunches.

2) Medicine Ball

It is a weighted ball. Despite what people think, the medicine ball isn’t just for boxers and athletes, it can also help you enhance your core workouts.

3) Ankle Weights

This will help the intensity of your reverse crunches and leg raises. When your regular leg raises become really easy, you can add weights to your ankles to help increase the muscle in your soon to be six-pack abs.

4) Cables or Resistance Tubes

You can easily perform cable crunches from a low cable tower to help add resistance to your abdominal muscles. First, you should lie on the floor and hold the resistance behind your head or you can perform the cable crunches from a kneeling position.

There are numerous equipment’s already in the market that’ll help you achieve your dreamed six-pack abs. You just have to choose the best one that caters to your needs and wants.