Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Flat Stomach and Six Pack Abs – Learn The Ultimate Way

Here in this article, I want you get that six pack abs you’ve been dreaming about! However, what stops you from achieving your goal? Well, I’ll tell you. Why should you listen to me? Well I’m the founder of one of the most popular abdominal and fat loss programs on the internet. I bet you’ve seen me around the internet for quite some time now.

Now in this article I want to point out the theories and strategies in this program to help you achieve your dream body.

Listen up, okay? When you get these things down and strictly adhere and follow the techniques everyday you’ll be showing off those six pack abs in no time! Imagine you on the beach, at the pool, in the bedroom, wherever…people will be turning their heads just to compliment and admire your physique.

I’ll reveal to you the secret of why the Six Pack Abs is different from the rest:

  1. Abs exercise? Who needs it! This program gets better results when you don’t focus on exercises for the abs!

Listen, I know that sounds like the opposite of what you should do but the thing is, abs exercises are find and you do need to do them once in a while to help develop your abs but honestly, you shouldn’t be spending so much time JUST training your abs. What you really need to do is burn that extra fat that’s on top of them covering your abs.

But let’s be clear: Abs exercise do NOT burn the fat away from your abs! Only a fully body training that focuses on the metabolic response and hormonal response to your workouts work. This is the focus and secret of the Truth about Six Pack Abs Program.

But hey, it’s not an abs program if you don’t learn the most effective exercises for helping your abdominals develop. I’ll also be giving you step by step instructions and even some photos to show you how to do them correctly. However like I said, the focus on this program is the secret method I use to maximize the body training routines to help you burn your fat.

This is why this program will be MORE effective for you than any other program out there. I promise you that.


  1. Cardio routines? Who needs that nonsense?

Do away with the typical cardio workouts!

Really, every program out there tells you that you MUST do endless cardio exercise workouts regularly to lose the body fat that is covering your abs. Most tell you it has to be 30-60 minutes of cardio exercise workouts for 3-4 days a week plus some strength training routines.

This is not necessary! In fact, it could affect your goal of trying to be lean as soon as possible. You can read more about this in detail in my book but to summarize it all boils down to your body. Your metabolic rate, how much lean muscle you have, the hormonal response in your body from exercise, and the residual calorie burn in the hours and days following your workouts. Thus, cardio routine workouts get it all wrong when it comes to utilizing these effects!

You must think, because I’m so against typical cardio routine workouts, then I must be a proponent of interval training. Yes, I am actually. I believe in interval training way more than the typical cardio routine workouts!

But I take my Truth about Six Pack Abs Program to a new height producing even better results than interval training. Knowing interval training, you know this is legit! You’ll find out more on how this system works for you in the program.

Want proof that you don’t need typical long-duration steady-pace cardio?

Actually, I took a program that looked into why steady-pace cardio exercise workouts is not that good at strengthening the heart. The scientific research went into the study of how the heart needs a diverse range of exercise so it can be ready for all the circumstances and stress that life throws at it. Also, the steady-pace cardio proved to be less effected in the long term for reducing the fat that the body stores.

Here’s a personal example. I haven’t had a cardio routine exercise workouts in over 5 years but I’m leaner now and have a lower body fat percentage than a few years back. My heart has also been in the best condition with a resting heart rate of an elite athlete 50bpm (remember that lowers is better). A few years back it used to be in the mid to upper 60’s when all I did was the typical cardio and strength training routines that most people do.

The result of both my body fat percentage and reduced resting heart rate is the result of the unique training methods I used in developing the programs in the Truth about Six Pack Abs.


  1. You won’t need any supplement, “diet” pills or “fat-loss” pills for this program.

About 95% of the supplements, “diet” pills or “fat-loss” pills in the market are a complete waste not only of your money but your time and effort. So many times I’ve been approached by supplement companies in the past looking for me to become a sponsor for their products, offering me tons and tons of money. But you know what I say to them? I say, no way! Honestly, I would never promote something to my readers that I do not honestly believe in myself.

Because of my own personal experience plus hundreds of my clients and close friends with supplements, they are nothing but a pipe dream—offering an easy way out to your struggle of getting that ripped body you’ve been always dreaming of. But in reality, they do nothing to help you achieve your dream.

Listen, I’m not bashing these supplement companies but the truth of the matter is that 95% of these supplements, “diet” pills and “fat-loss” pills do not work nor help your body. Although I do admit that it can become meal replacements for people who are too busy to prepare or pack a real food meal and I do admit that high quality and fast digesting protein can be useful to mix in your post-workout smoothies.

But it doesn’t change the fact that real food will always be better than processed supplements, “diet” pills or “fat-loss” pills as long as you pick the correct “real foods”. Anybody that promotes these pills have either been brainwashed by all the ads and propaganda that appear on every media outlet possible or may be getting financial aids from the supplement companies in some way, shape or form.

I have devoted myself not to be part of this lucrative world of selling supplements despite the fact that I’d be making more money by selling supplements than by selling my abs program, what this companies sell is just against my morals and I can’t even begin to stomach how they sleep at night when they rip people off like that.

It boggles my mind how majority of the population will be willing to open up their wallets to spend $30, $40, even $50 just to spend on a bottle of pills or powder when they can spend $30 on this comprehensive training and nutrition guide like this Truth about Six Packs Abs program, which will have lasting effects and keep them lean and ripped for life. The only thing that bottle of pills or powder is going to do is give you expensive urine! You make the choice.


  1. You won’t need to spend money on “ab machines” or “ab gadgets”

If you have any of those worthless ab belts, loungers, rockers or any other worthless ab gadget or machine…well get ready to cry because you’ve just been ripped off!

Other than contributing to a tiny bit of strengthening the abdominals, these machines and gadgets are absolutely worthless no better than the best floor, hanging, and standing abs workouts.

Surprisingly enough, these abs machines, belts and gadgets do NOTHING to help burn off the fat in your abdominal area!

As I’ve said before, the only way of burning you’re the fat in your abs can be accomplished is a smart nutritional program and a well-designed professional training, based on scientific research, which increases your metabolism and simulate your fat-burning hormones in your body. You can achieve this simply once I reveal the Truth about Six Pack Abs program.




  1. You won’t need any fad diet or any gimmicky diet trend.

“Low-carb” or “Low-fat” diets? Nope, none of that. You won’t be needing any of that crap. In fact, the nutritional secrets I’ll tell you in this program is revolutionary and goes against what authors and companies have been telling you and luring you into their gimmicks for years!

They need to stand out, something that makes people and the media talk. That’s why there’s always some new gimmick or trend that you in the news today such as low-fat, or low-carb, or high protein, or the “colors diet”, the “low glycemic index diet”, the fasting diet, the cabbage diet, and so on.

Instead, I’m going to give you the TRUTH of how YOU can eat a nutritious diet that burns off that stubborn belly fat AND help you feeling full of energy every single day and if you haven’t felt this kind of feeling then you’re missing out because it is life-changing!

Once you start eating healthy and eating a balanced meal you’ll say bye-bye to those cravings. Before, I used to crave sweets almost every day but then I adopted the nutritious diet that I currently eat right now. Now, I can’t even remember the last time I had a craving for sweets. Maybe…5 years ago? Seriously!

I also honestly get to enjoy everything I eat way more than I used to years ago when I used to shove one junk meal after the other. But does that mean I can never eat the good stuff like burgers, or pizza, or beer? Of course not! We all have a social life. There is actually healthier ways and options to prepare burgers and pizza that are way more healthier.

Hopefully, this article has open your eyes on the many things that has gone wrong with your exercise routines and nutrition plans in achieving that dream physique and those elusive abs. If you want to find out more, what are you waiting for? Just head on down and read more about how you can lose that stubborn stomach fat and develop those ripped six pack abs!